Shenandoah Webworks is the brainchild of Susan Brown. Susan was a developer and analyst back in the mainframe days which gave her a good sense of how computers work and the background behind any user interface.  Later she moved into librarianship and information management learning the rudiments of html and mark-up languages.  She is also an artist working in mixed media, acrylics and oils.  She has a gallery website at www.susan-artnphotos.format.com

In about 2010 she began working on websites using her computer background and artistic sensibility to create or improve websites for her clients.

Susan has a background in the arts as well as computers and can work with people who are challenged by computers and the Internet.  Are you an artist who needs a website or a small business or non-profit?  Susan can design, build and help you maintain a simple, effective and interesting site.  She has also consulted with artists who want to build a website themselves but need a little help to decide how to proceed.

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