Our goal is to create simple classic WordPress websites with style and vision giving our customers a distinctive website that conveys their message and their mission with powerful imagery, rich color and a simple distinctive presentation. We aim to create websites that viewers will want to revisit, partly for the content and partly because the site is a pleasant place to return to.

We are very focused on the user experience of a site, making sure that users of the website will be able to navigate the site easily.  We also are focused on making sure we and our clients have agreed on a mutual understanding of  the user requirements before we begin work, and continue to check that understanding throughout the implementation.

Below are links to some of the sites we have designed.  In each case we worked to create a unique site that is user-friendly, easily navigable and in keeping with the unique needs of our customers.

FCRP and the FCRP Archive site – This is the website of the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology, a conference which has been active since the 1940’s.  The site supports two annual conferences, the main conference and a smaller local DC area conference.  FCRP also maintains a members only website with archival material including audio files of the plenary speeches for many of the Conferences.

Shinchiinryu (also called Bagheerayoga)- This is the professional website of Inryu Bobbi Ponce-Barger, a Soto Zen Buddhist priest and resident priest of the All Beings Sangha of the Branching Streams Sanghas of the San Francisco Zen Center.  She is also a certified yoga instructor calling her teaching practice, Bagheera Yoga.

All Beings Zen Sangha – This is the website of Shin Chi Inryu’s sangha.  Shenandoah Webworks moved the site from a free platform to a host server and redesigned the layout for a more active and current theme.

Aging Well with Friends– This website is a combination blog and reference site mostly for people aging in whatever place they live in the Sandy Spring /Olney / Ashton/ Brookeville/ Laytonsville area of Maryland.  It is also a place for making connections with people of all ages in those communities within the context of Quaker values.  The initiative started at Friends House, a retirement community in Sandy Spring but connections are being formed across communities and across the wide diversity of Quaker and other religious and secular partners in the area.